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Our NEW addition is a show stopper that brings magic to any room. This Half-Barrel Side Table With Cabinet is made from a fully refurbished, authentic, whiskey barrel. It's cut vertically for a slim size that fits in any room and includes easily accessible storage for your favorite bottles, glasses or anything else. (Dimensions: 35" tall, 26" wide, and 13" deep). 

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“My barrel is such a unique and functional furniture piece! A fantastic conversation starter as well! I just love it.”

Katelyn B. Evansville, IN

Not All whiskey Barrel Furniture Is Created Equal

Our whiskey barrels are not made from fake or cheap wood alternatives.

At Mystic Barrels, we handcraft and refurbish authentic hand selected whiskey barrels to make our timelessly, unique, high quality furniture:

Premium Aged Whiskey Barrel

Each barrel is hand selected from premium Kentucky distilleries, such as Wild Turkey and Heaven Hill. Our refurbishing process includes cleaning, fully sanding, staining, and sealing the barrel with protective coating. This refurbishing process bring stunning beauty to each barrel. 

Easy Storage For Bottles and Glasses

It's not just a show-stopper, it's functional. Swing open the built-in door to store your bottle collection, glassware, or even some board games!

The Perfect Addition

Handmade from authentic whiskey barrels, each coaster set offers style to match your furniture and the protection you need. 

4 Coasters With Sleeve [FREE Bonus]

Each barrel stave coaster set comes with 4 coasters and the sleeve to hold them. 

Save big on furniture with character that fits any setting plus get 1 FREE Set of New Barrel Stave Coasters. Oh, fast, free shipping included!

What Makes Mystic Barrels So Unique?

Our barrels are individually handcrafted to reflect:

Your Barrel’s history—each one is unique, not mass produced and hand selected by our craftsmen from premium grade brand Kentucky distilleries

Character of the craftsmen—Expertise of our craftsmen is reflected in the precision and detailed handcrafted beauty of each of our one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

Most of all, the needs of our clients for that perfectly timeless piece of furniture you’ve been seeking

Craftsmanship: What Sets Mystic Barrel Apart

At Mystic Barrel, we take refurbishment to a whole new level of craftsmanship.

It’s the care and love of our week-long process that sets Mystic Barrel apart from other barrel producers.

What goes into a truly refurbished barrel?

No, it’s not that simple or a DIY project for the faint hearted…and not all are created equal.

A Mystic Barrel is an endeavor in artistry that involves expertise, love and care from the moment your barrel is selected to the first time you use it. Here’s why…

Where the Magic Happens: 

The Mystical Process Behind Creating Your Custom Whiskey Barrel Furniture


Step 1: Hunting for the Perfect Barrel

Every order starts with the hunt for the perfect whiskey barrel .

At Mystic Barrel, not any old barrel will do. Our high quality standards requires that our barrels:

  • Are authentic, genuine used whiskey barrels

  • Retain that highly sought-after rustic appeal

  • Have NO major cracks or other damages

  • Are freshly-dumped to ensure the barrel is structurally sound

  • Have tightly secured metal bands or "Hoops"

  • Meet US legal standards that define a whiskey barrel: freshly charred virgin cask or barrel

  • Come from well-known, established Kentucky Distilleries like Heaven Hill, and Wild Turkey


Step 2: Prep for Refurbishment

Quality check of acquired barrels:

  • Confirm a flat barrel head

  • Ensure no cracks or other damage

  • Overall just a good looking, furniture grade barrel

Cleaning the metal hoops/bands and removal of any imperfections

  • Center 4 hoops are removed from the barrel

  • The barrel is sanded to smooth surfaces and remove imperfections

  • Complexion enhancement by blending darker tones found in whiskey barrels to amplify the richness and depth of the wood


Step 3: Cabinetry Installation

Next, we install the cabinet

  • Door location is identified and measured out based on every barrels unique shape

  • Door is secured together by the hoops and cut

  • Barrel is scraped and cleaned inside, reinvigorating the wonderful aromas embedded in the wood by charring and whiskey making process

  • Barrel interior is primed and painted to give it a clean, finished appearance

  • The shelving and barrel door are assembled and installed


Step 4: Finishing 

Then off to staining and coating in polyurethane protection to ensure a lifetime of use

Meet Mike, Owner and Lead Craftsman From Mystic Barrels

After meeting my wife, my father-in-law introduced me to whiskey, and I developed a passion for the beverage. I was fascinated, as a mechanical engineer, by distillation and how the unique aging process lent color and richness to the wood.

One day, while my father-in-law was working on converting my wife’s childhood game room into a private basement pub, the idea was born.

It hit us—wouldn’t it be cool to recycle and reuse a whiskey barrel in each our basements!

Better yet, what if they had a purpose, a pub table or other unique furniture such as this Deluxe Half Barrel With Cabinet!

The reactions from friends and family were unbelievable. An instant conversation piece, people were taking photos of it, fascinated by the interior cabinetry, and asking for their own.

I realized I had something, and with that one single barrel, Mystic Barrels was born!

So, let us share your passion of whiskey or wine with one of our distinctively elegant whiskey barrel furniture pieces such as this Deluxe Half barrel Cabinet. They are ideal for that special space in your home, adding that wow factor you have been looking for.

Unlike other barrel whiskey barrel furniture producers…we are packaging this up with a special deal that includes big saving and a 60 day guarantee!

So go ahead take the plunge! Whether it’s a barrel this beautiful Deluxe Half Barrel with Cabinet or one of our other accessories, all items are made using 100% authentic, hand selected furniture grade whiskey barrels. I am certain they will spark as much delight as that one barrel did for us in my father-in-law’s basement pub.

Mike Monahan,


So by now, you have to be asking yourself…

How do i Get Mine?

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  • BONUS - 1 FREE set of whiskey barrel stave coasters

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SAVE 25% - limited time only

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just do this myself?

There is a fair amount of expertise that goes into every step of the process of converting a whiskey barrel into an actual Deluxe Half Barrel with Cabinet. Everything from the process of identifying the right barrel with the wood condition to the cleaning, preparation and refurbishment is a challenging process even for the most skilled of craftsmen. Our artisans have a lifetime of expertise specialized in this conversion process, ensuring every pub table is a work of perfection. There are no short cuts; there is no easy life hack to get the quality you are seeking. Let Mystic Barrel do it right for you, the first time, saving you time and effort and get you back to enjoying time with friends and family at a pub table you know is a lifetime investment in handcrafted expert quality

Do I need to secure it to the wall?

Like most dressers and other furniture, we do recommend that it is safely secured to the wall. We provide all hardware and instructions for simple installation. 

When will my order get here?

Mystic Barrel will contact you directly to make arrangements for a time and date that best meets your needs. Typical delivery time is one to two weeks.

What are the dimensions of it?

Dimensions: 35" tall, 26" wide, and 13" deep

Is there any sort of satisfaction guarantee after delivery in case I should decide the pub table doesn’t fit my décor or work for its intended purpose?

We are so confident that you will be 100% delighted that we offer a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Just see what of some of our customers are already saying about their pub tables

“Mystic Barrels always exceeds my expectations. They are fantastic craftsmen with top-notch customer service”Paul H. Philadelphia, PA

“Mystic Barrels always exceeds my expectations. They are fantastic craftsmen with top-notch customer service”

Paul H. Philadelphia, PA

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

This is a NEW Product So We don't have reviews for it yet. But you can see what people say about our Full Barrel Cabinet.

Amazing, Limited-Time Offer: 25% Off, 1 FREE Barrel Stave Coaster Set, PLUS fast, free shipping!!

This offer is available for a limited time only. 

Mystic Barrels Stands Behind It’s Product and Is Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

  • 1 Deluxe Half Barrel Side Table with Cabinet with 25% off (Professionally refinished and sealed for lifetime protection)

  • Includes custom cabinet built in for bottle storage

  • BONUS - 1 FREE set of whiskey barrel stave coasters

  • Fast, FREE Shipping

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