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4 Easy Ways to Add Rustic Décor to Your Home

Rustic décor evokes a sense of home fires burning, warm blankets, and a cabin tucked away deep in the woods. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to transform your home design into the home of your dreams. So, we have provided you with a few simple ways to add rustic décor into your home that will work with almost any existing style that you have already in place. 

  • Repurpose and refurbish non-traditional furniture pieces.

Decorating with pieces that are not usually décor can transform your home into a rustic paradise. You can transform old crates, buckets, metal watering cans, or glass bottles, for example, into unique furniture pieces, such as coffee tables, vases, bar carts, and more. Our barrel furniture made of refurbished wine barrels can make great tables for your dining room or outdoor spaces. 

  • Avoid polished decor.

What you may notice with modern design is a polished look with a clean, smooth finish. That's what you need to avoid with rustic décor. It's the opposite of polished. As you seek out pieces to add to your home, focus on raw and more natural finishes. Look for wood furniture with missing pieces and metal without any polish. 

  • Use chunky, oversized pieces.

As you think about your rustic décor, remember what the design is inspired by – shop owners, farmers, and laborers of the past. So, for the most part, your design needs to have a purposeful focus. For example, adding woven baskets serves two purposes – holds your items and adds to your beautiful design. Choose thick, heavy wood for your tables, including side tables and coffee tables, because that is the type of wood that would be desirable to work on if you were a laborer.

  • Select rustic or wooden accessories.

You can easily add small touches to our dream rustic décor with just a few little touches. First, focus on adding pieces that enhance your rustic décor. Whether it's pinecones that can be added to your table as part of a display or lighting simple wax candles in metal holders, all can enhance the atmosphere you are trying to evoke. Choose art that you depict the scenery you would imagine if you looked outside a cabin window.

Simply add a few of these touches throughout your home, and you will have the décor you imagined. Remember, don't worry about changing everything at once. Simply make small changes here and there to achieve the look you desire.


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