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5 Fun Ways to Use Old Barrels as Home Decor

Old wine and whiskey barrels are versatile and great décor and craft products. Finding them can sometimes be difficult. Many wine and whiskey makers reuse their barrels as much as possible and then pass them on to smaller companies who use them over and over again to. That means there aren’t a lot of old barrels to go around.

 If you are hoping to buy some barrels for a home décor project or own a small business and plan to use the barrels to age your own wine or whiskey, you can find them at Mystic Barrels. Here some fun ways you can use old barrels in your home décor.

home decor barrels

Flower Planter

Barrels look great as flower plants, and because they are durable, they last a long time. You can cut them in half and place them on the ground horizontally, or just fill them up and plant the flowers in the tops of them. You can even make it, so it looks like the barrels have tipped over, and the flowers and dirt are spilling out of them. They match a variety of other types of outside décor, so they work great for any home.

Pet Beds

Do you have a furry friend that needs a comfortable place to sleep? Cut a barrel in half and put it on its side. Keep it from rolling by attaching some legs to the bottom. Put a pillow or some blankets in it, and it’s the perfect place for your dog or cat to sleep. You can put the barrel outside or inside. Unlike other pet beds, this one will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Side Tables

Whether you need side tables for your living room or want them on your patio, an old barrel cut in half is a stylish and affordable option. Flip the barrel halved over, so the openings are on the bottom. You can cover them with doilies or mats to help protect them or leave them natural. They can withstand the elements inside, and they add a rustic touch to any interior.

Event Table

If you are planning an event such as a wedding or graduation party, and don’t have enough tables, make one with two barrels and a few pieces of wood. Just space the barrels out and add the wood on top of them. Drape some burlap over them as a table cloth, and you have a rustic and unique table that will impress guests and hold plenty of food and drinks.


A wine barrel ottoman is sure to catch the attention of your guests. Just cut a barrel in half and then add some cushions to it. You can make the cushion out of pillows, foam or any other type of filling. Cover it in fabric to match your décor.

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