Rustic barrel and chairs set

7 Creative Uses for Barrel Furniture in the Home

If you're a fan of the rustic look for your home, and you want something authentic, you might want to consider making your own unique furniture out of whiskey or wine barrels! 

Not sure where to start? Check out these seven creative ways you can upcycle old wine or whiskey barrels into your very own barrel furniture!

Barrel Furniture for your Patio

You can use a few barrels to make some rustic patio chairs or bar stools! Make a few cuts here and there to make chairs of different heights. Bar stools are great for either your indoor breakfast nook or an outdoor patio bar. 

You can also make a matching table for your patio chairs! Use the barrel on its own for a side table, or cut it in half either lengthwise or across the middle and add a top for a lower coffee table or patio table.

If you don't feel like making your own furniture, you can always check out our selection of refurbished barrel furniture instead!

Mini Bar or Wine Rack

What goes great with bar stools? A bar, of course! Cut the barrel lengthwise and add a plank of wood in front with holes for whiskey or wine bottles to make a wine rack.

Or, add shelves inside and keep the rest of the barrel as a door for a mini bar, complete with shot glasses and your other favorite bar accessories.

Barrel Pet Bed

Don't forget your furry friends when you're making your barrel furniture! Check out the whiskey barrel dimensions and see if your pet is the right size for a barrel pet bed. You can either cut a hole in the top or bottom of the barrel and put it on its side, or use the top or bottom of the barrel and add a cushion.

Wine Barrel Cradle

Beds aren't just for fur babies: you can make a cradle for your real baby, too! Cut a wine barrel lengthwise and check the wine barrel dimensions to transform the barrel into a rocking cradle for your nursery.

Barrel Sink

You can also cut a hole in the top of a barrel and add in a sink! This works great for a bathroom or as an outdoor sink for your patio. 

Barrel Fountain

You can use a few old barrels to make a rustic garden fountain, too! Cut them to different heights, and add a water pump for a relaxing addition to any garden or backyard.

Chandeliers or Light Fixtures

There are so many ways you can repurpose and upcycle old barrels to create stunning light fixtures for your home! Use the metal parts of the barrel to make a globe style chandelier, or use the top or bottom of a barrel to have a shade for a more rustic chandelier.

Barreling Towards Amazing Furniture

We hope you've enjoyed these ideas for how to use barrel furniture in your home! With a few barrels and a little creativity and elbow grease, you can have your very own unique barrel furniture for your home!

If you're looking for a barrel and you're ready to get started, check out our selection of authentic used barrels today!

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