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The Difference Between Whiskey and Wine Barrels for Decor

Are you drawn to the rustic decorating style? Many homeowners and businesses use whiskey and wine barrels to create this look. Woodworkers use barrels as the foundation for many different projects as well.

Do you know the difference between whiskey and wine barrels? Let’s dive in and find out how to choose the right barrel to meet your needs.

Difference Between Whiskey and Wine Barrels

Which are the best barrels for DIY projects? The choice of whiskey barrels vs wine barrels depends on several factors. Each type has its own unique characteristics.

Coopers (barrel makers) date back to 485 BC. Herodotus used wooden casks to send Armenian wine to Babylon.

These watertight barrels had a bulge in the middle to resist stress. Their shape allowed people to roll instead of carrying them. They were also stackable.

Whiskey barrels hold 53 gallons of fluid. To create the right flavor, the coopers char the inside of the barrel. The whiskey then ages in the barrels for up to 15 years which gives them the rustic look.

Wine barrels differ in width and height according to the type of wine. Yet, they all hold 59 gallons of wine.

The insides of these barrels are toasted to give the beverage its signature flavor. The level of toasting may be light, medium, or dark.

Wine barrels are only re-used up to five times and for no more than five years. Since it takes less time for winemaking, the barrels look lighter, cleaner, and newer.

Ways to Use Wine Barrels

The only limit to using wine barrels is your imagination. You may choose to buy a barrel and simply place it in your home or business as is. Their unique history provides a statement piece on their own.

You can also repurpose them as more functional items. Consider placing glass or a slice of an old tree on top of the barrel for a morning coffee table. They also make a great base for sinks and vanities.

Wine barrels can serve as pet cradles. Just cut the barrel lengthwise and fill it with cozy bedding.

Cut barrels also make interesting light fixtures. If you cut it across the middle, you can place a cushion on top for an ottoman.

Ideas for Used Whiskey Barrels

Now let’s consider ideas for used whiskey barrels to get your creative thoughts flowing. They work great for side tables.

If the used barrel is too tall, cut it in half across the middle. Now you have two matching tables.

Some DIYers have cut out the front below the top and bottom bands to make a display. Place one or two shelves inside to hold books or memorabilia.

How about a whiskey barrel trash can? Cut the top of the barrel and put a slow close hinge on it. Place a trash can inside for easy removal.

Where to Find the Best Barrels in Pennsylvania

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