Four Great Uses for a Half Barrel?

At Mystic Barrels, our barrels are an attractive part of decor and operations for many different types of businesses. Event planners use us, and so do wineries, distilleries and breweries. But we’re also helpful for foodservice businesses and other kinds of businesses, too!

One of the products that we offer is the half barrel – a full barrel cut vertically and reinforced to provide an open crescent container that's unique for business use.

How do our customers use the half barrel?

Here are four excellent ideas.


A half-barrel makes an excellent planter. Just add soil and seeds, and cultivate your crop accordingly.

Some like to add wedge stoppers or other stabilizers to the bottom of the barrel, to keep your mobile garden from rocking around too much. As an alternative, you can prop your half-barrel against the wall.

The Harvest Cornucopia

Want to show off your natural products?

A half-barrel can serve as an excellent visual display container that you can sit either inside or outside, and fill with your delectable fruits and vegetables, or whatever else you have to sell. These are a big hit for farm to table, organic food, or local produce businesses.

The Boat

If your business is about maritime imagination, you can dress up your half-barrel to become an excellent little reproduction of life on the high seas. This is a creative visual way to show off a type of enterprise such as a travel agency or boating business.

Wall Accents

Standing a half-barrel up against the wall provides a lot of the visual value of barrels and even some of the functional value, without the full footprint of standing a barrel inside a building.

Think about it this way – if your brewery only has a certain amount of floor space, but you want to allow for the decorative value of the barrel, you get a half barrel and position it against the wall. A few people can still set their drinks on it, but it's not projecting into valuable table space or the area where your servers have to navigate in order to deliver drinks to a table or bar. That can really come in handy when you start getting busy, and even a little bit of space is a big deal. 

Check us out on our website! We like shipping our high quality “cooper’s” barrels all over. Help get an effective makeover for your business to make a great first impression on visitors!
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