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Rustic Chic Home Decor Offers Lasting Style

The foundational color palette of a rustic chic space includes warm natural earth tones. Bases of neutral colors with accents of pale greens and soft blues blend to create a relaxing environment that provides a peaceful setting. Adding to that “at home” feel, rustic chic allows for a lived in look, where imperfections in furniture or decor elements reflect the beauty of the natural world. 

Antique Furnishings

Showcasing pieces of antique furnishings and unique finds ads allure to any rustic chic room, and items that are upcycled into new and innovative uses provide focal points that tell a story. Consider adding a unique piece to your space that is destined to become a topic of conversation among guests.  

Interesting pieces such as an upcycled oak barrel coffee table from Mystic Barrels, and a touch of history and purpose to what would ordinarily be a standard living room piece of furniture. Adding these pieces that have a personality of their own is what brings the feel of timelessness to a space.

Keeping family heirlooms and giving them an updated use is also part of the rustic chic look. Ideas such as using a pie safe as a toiletry nook in the bathroom can give an old piece a new and modern application. 

 Go Vintage

Giving vintage pieces a modern twist though new fabrics, trims, or finishings can also add a fresh and stylish twist to the decor. A new coat of paint can go a long way to spruce up an otherwise dull piece of furniture, making it pop with just the right amount of modern color. Whether distressed, glossy, stained, or painted, applying an unexpected finish instantly elevates any piece of furniture.

The popularity of rustic chic decor is rooted in its easy going yet style conscious look. This style allows for the imperfect, out of place and unexpected, which makes it a family-friendly decor that is attainable, affordable, and, most importantly, livable. Rustic chic is an interior decor that transcends trends, making it an excellent choice for any home. 

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