Rows of barrels in cellar

We Bring the Barrels

Have you ever heard the phrase someone ‘has you over a barrel?’ Have you ever thought about diving over Niagara Falls in a barrel?

These days, the barrel is somewhat out of style when it comes to our lexicon, but barrels are still very much in style when it comes to interior and exterior furnishings.

Lest you think that barrels are now used mostly for museums and historic reenactment spaces, we beg to differ. We've provided our well-crafted wooden barrels to a wide variety of hotels and hospitalities businesses, restaurants, cafés, vineyards and many more public places where these simple additions can help to dress up a space and provide dining or entertainment functionality.

Yes, barrels are in fashion – for one thing, they go with wood. Check out how barrels complement wall decorations such as musical instruments or vintage fly-fishing gear or other wooden implements. Then think about the utility of barrels – how you can easily make one into a small table space, or how they can complement a winery or liquor distillery. There’s an appeal to the hoops and staves of a barrel that lends itself to a wide range of décor, and these neatly designed traditional free-standing functional units are also an attractive way to “build” more sophisticated interior areas.

Here's an additional benefit of buying barrels from Mystic Barrels – we deliver in a fairly wide territory. We’ll bring your attractive and well-crafted wooden barrels to you, and you do what you want with them on your property. We make it easy to source these larger items, so that you don’t have to get a truck and come to us. For larger orders, the delivery is a very attractive option for many of our clients.

Whether you're running a barbecue restaurant or a bed and breakfast, barrels can be just what you need to make your site look welcoming and attractive to visitors.

Check out more about construction and more on the website. We have new and used barrels, as well as barrel furniture with lanterns, glass tops and more. We also have shown off some of our past projects and clients on Instagram for those who are interested.

If it seems like a simple thing, you can really envision what these additions can do for your indoor or outdoor space by browsing the site and looking at what others have done with these versatile furnishings. Some of our clients have used barrels to showcase products, create table space, or even hold heat lamps (with the correct safeguards in design, of course!) – others have used barrels for seating, or for effect in a branded display.

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