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The first step... we find the perfect barrels!

At Mystic Barrels, the furniture making process begins with finding the right barrels. 

We hand-select whiskey barrels from various Kentucky distilleries to make our timelessly, unique, high-quality pub tables.

We ensure the barrels meet our quality stringent quality requirement, including being freshly dumped, have tight metal hoops/bands, have a flat head, and have no major cracks or visual defects. 

This ensure we can transform the barrel into an impressive and handsome furniture piece for your home.

Then, we take each barrel through our

refurbishing & restoration process

A typical whiskey barrel has been used for 10+ years aging and maturing whiskey. When we receive them, there is work to do to transform them from 'used barrel' to a finished furniture piece for your home. 

Each barrel goes through our extensive refurbishing & restoration process. 

This includes cleaning, sanding, staining, and polyurethane coating each barrel in a protective finish.

Option 1: Which table top would you like?

We pair our refurbished barrels with either a 36" piece of tempered glass, or one of our Amish-handcrafted and professionally finished 36 or 48-inch solid oak table top. 

36" glass

36" oak

48" oak

Option 2: Do you want to add the cabinet feature?

Need some extra storage for your bottle collection and glassware? If so, our cabinet feature has you covered!

Cabinet features:
- Fully cleaned and finished interior
- Swinging, locking door
- Solid oak center shelf
- Lazy-susan 360-degree rotating shelf
- Automated, rechargeable, interior lighting system
- Ample room for your bottle and glassware

Option 3: Do you want to add a personalized engraving?

Bring a personal touch to your table with a personalized engraving. 

After purchase, you will receive a form to choose from one of our standard designs, or provide us with your logo or custom design. 

Option 4: Do you want any optional accessories?

Counter-height Footrail

Give your feet an extra place to rest with our Standard Whiskey Barrel Footrail. This footrail keeps the barrel at 36" tall, which is counter-height.

Bar-height Footrail

Our Elevated Bar-Height Footrails give your feet an extra place to rest AND also elevate the table to bar-height, which is 42" tall.

Bar-height Wooden Risers

Want your table at bar-height without the footrail? No problem! Our Bar-Height Wooden Risers are the perfect solution.

Option 5: Would you like to add our stools?

We have two seating options for you to consider - our Metal Stools and our Stave Stools. Both pair very well with the tables!

Metal Stools w/ Wood Seats

Handcrafted Stave Stools

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