FAQ's - Barrel Planters

Wow, barrel planters require a lot of dirt to fill up. Any recommendations?

In fact, yes! One great tip we've learned is to add mulch first as a filer!
Use the mulch to fill up the bottom of the barrel, and then add your few inches of top soil at the top for the flowers.

What is the difference between the used whiskey and used wine barrels? Which should I buy?

Rest assured - these barrels are the REAL DEAL! Not the replica planters at large box stores.
When deciding between whether to use whiskey or wine planters, the decision typically comes down to your preference on appearance, or simply your preference for whiskey or wine as a beverage!
The whiskey barrels inherently have a more rustic character and appeal. The wine barrels retain a cleaner, lighter, and newer look, and often have light red wine stains throughout.
Either way, you can't go wrong!

How long will the planters last?

The most common thing you will see with barrel planters is the hoops start to loosen and fall over time...

Not with your Mystic Barrels Planters! We go the extra step to fasten each barrel hoop to the barrel to ensure they stay structurally sound and continue to look great for years to come!

Are there drain holes in the bottom? 

Because of different requirement for different plants, and the ease of adding them yourself, we do not add holes to the bottom unless the customer asks us to. 

To add drainage holes, simply use a drill and ~1/2 inch drill bit to drill through the bottom of the barrel in as many locations as you deem necessary.