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4 Great DIY Decorations You Can Make With Used Barrels

Besides being an excellent way to store and age alcoholic beverages, barrels can be used for decorations. One of the benefits of barrel decorating is that it can be as simple or ornate as you like. For some people, all they want is a barrel to add to the rustic decor theme of a room. However, part of the magic of Mystic Barrels is in your imagination. If you have the skills and time, you can make something amazing from a used barrel. Here are four great DIY decorations you can make with a used barrel from Mystic Barrels.

Barrel Chairs and Bar Stools

The round shape of a barrel can be used in various ways to make comfortable chairs. A barrel that has been cut in half vertically and horizontally will create four sections with a flat bottom and a rounded back. These sections can be used to make the seats and backs of chairs. You can also use the rounded beams of a barrel to make the legs of a barstool, with a seat made of wood from the base. If you want to wow guests with your fantastic barrel furniture building skills, you can make an entire patio set out the used barrels you can get from Mystic Barrels.


In most situations, when used barrels are placed as decorations, the barrels are simply there to serve an aesthetic. However, with a little work, you can have the rustic charm while putting the barrel to good use. Used barrels make excellent planters because the barrel is sealed so dirt won’t leak out. Barrels are also designed to be durable and resist water damage, which makes them well-suited for outdoor decorations such as planters. The easiest way to turn a used barrel into a planter is to cut it in half. If you cut it horizontally, you will have two planters with flat bases. You can also cut it in half vertically, but you will need to fashion a stand to keep it in place. Some DIY enthusiasts have created multi-tiered planters with multiple plants in a single planter.

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Usually, wood furniture and fire aren't a good mixture, which is one of the things that makes a used barrel fire pit so intriguing. The concept behind a barrel fire pit is simple. By embedding a small metal fire pit into the top of a barrel, you can have a table with fire in the center without risking the wooden barrel. When combined with matching used barrel bar stools, this is a DIY project that can turn your backyard into the place to be. You can add to the decor by giving the surface of the table a border with colorful tiling or marble, which also protects the wood from any stray embers.

Repurposed Barrel Dog Bed

A used barrel can also be repurposed into a piece of furniture for your pet. A barrel that's been cut in half with a section of the front cut out can make a cozy bed area for your dog. After the barrel is cut, all you need to do is insert an appropriately sized cushion for your pooch to sleep on. One of the benefits of this kind of dog bed is that it has a beautiful exterior. This piece of pet furniture enjoys the rustic look that used barrels can create. And the cushion can be changed to match the color scheme of your decor. Best of all, though your dog may rip open their pillow, they will not be able to damage the barrel. You would never need to replace the dog bed. Instead, all you would need to do is buy a new cushion.

If you want to do a DIY project with a used barrel, Mystic Barrels has something that meets your needs. For the best results, you should choose a retired, furniture-grade whiskey or wine barrel. You can find barrels like these in the Specialty section of our website. These barrels are considered ‘retired' from use in aging and storing product, all the oak barrels we sell have been inspected and hand-selected to ensure there are few-to-no cracks, no significantly warped heads, or any other significant defects that could take away from the aesthetic or functionality. Send us a message online if you have any questions about getting a used barrel for beverage creation or home decoration.

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