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4 Things You Can Age in a Barrel

Barrels can be used for many purposes, from beverage preparation to home decoration. Whether you’re looking for a new barrel or a used one, Mystic Barrels has something that meets your needs. Many of the people who buy barrels from us already have a purpose in mind, but barrels have more uses than they may realize. Here are four things you can age in a barrel.


This entry might surprise you if you thought this list was just going to be about alcoholic beverages. Barrel aging works with any product that can absorb flavors and aromas from its environment. Before they are roasted, coffee beans are green and porous. Most coffee producers go great lengths to ensure their beans don't pick up additional flavors while they are still green. However, by storing them in a used barrel before roasting them, you can add flavors like bourbon, rum, whiskey, and more. If you want to try this style of coffee before making it for yourself, you can find barrel-aged coffee from distributors online.


When making big-batch cocktails, aging the drink in a used barrel will give the cocktail a better flavor. You can make barrel-aged Negroni, which provides the cocktail with a smoky flavor from the oak. It has been said that doing this produces a cocktail that is "smoother and that has a slightly lighter in color. When making barrel-aged cocktails, remember to start with high proof alcohol. The aging process will soften the liquor, and if you start with something low proof, it will turn out too sweet. You can use a new barrel to age Negroni, which means you can make smaller batches using small barrels, like the ones we have Mystic Barrel.


Wines are known for the quality of their aging processes. Everything from the quality of the fruit to the weather at the time affects the final taste of a wine, which is why the vintage year is so important for some wines. By aging your wine in a used barrel, you can give it a unique flavor. Barrel aging makes wine taste better by controlling the oxidation. Additionally, oak barrels have complex natural tannins that can add to the flavor and texture of white and red wines.


Used barrels also make great beers. Barrel aging beer in casks that once held whiskey, bourbon, or another spirit. Craft beer producers use barrel aging to create brews that have a unique flavor profile. Experimenting with barrel aging can lead to a beermaker making something that's more valuable and sought after than a more standard beer or ale. There are many barrel-aged beers on the market, but there is still room for experimentation. For example, Jameson Caskmates, the first beer made barrel aging in Irish whiskey, came out less than 10 years ago.

Whether you need a barrel for decorative purposes, or to make one of the drinks mentioned above, Mystic Barrels has something for you. We have new and used barrels in a large variety of sizes. Send us a message online if you have a question about ordering the barrels you need.

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