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Creating A Theme For Your Wedding Will Help You Bring Your Dream Day To Life

Many couples planning their dream weddings search for ways to incorporate unique touches on their special day that make their celebration stand out among the rest. Deciding on a generalized theme for your wedding can help create a celebration that is both memorable and functional. 

Themes Create A Basis For All Decision Making

When you think about a theme for your wedding, it is important to remember that you can use your theme to create an ambiance that sets the tone of your special event. Setting a theme provides a tone you can base all of your decisions around, keeping your ideas in focus and adding a cohesiveness to all the activities that your wedding encompasses. 

Think About How You Envision Your Dream Wedding

To determine the theme for your wedding, begin by putting your dream wedding into context, which will provide you with a vision that you will be able to bring to life more easily. For instance, some couples dream of a rustic and romantic wedding that offers hints of the down to earth feel of rustic charm. Once this vision is established, couples can begin to make their choices based on their concept of rustic romantic charm. 

A Wedding Theme Can Be Personalized In Countless Ways

As with any theme, rustic romance offers you the ability to dress up or dress down the wedding. Some people who choose this theme may choose to have their wedding party dress in less formal attire, especially if the venue is outdoors. Others may elevate the idea of rustic romance to a more formal event, choosing to incorporate vintage elements that provide the just right touch of romantic charm without being too literal.

Adding whiskey barrels as high top tables for cocktail hour, or as functional decoration in the reception area is one example of how the rustic theme can be incorporated, providing a note of refined elegance in contrast to the use of standard tables. Choosing antique linens and color stories that reflect the countryside can also provide a sense of the rustic romance of your wedding celebration.

Creating Cohesion Through Theme Planning

Just as in a rustic romantic wedding, any theme can help you put your thoughts and ideas into focus, allowing you to communicate your vision to those who are helping you bring it to life more effectively. Without a theme in mind, it can be difficult to articulate to yourself and others how you envision your special day. There are so many different decisions to be made that the better you understand your vision, the easier it will be for you to bring it to life. 

In this aspect, your interpretation of your theme is entirely up to you, giving you the ability to add your personal style to details that will ultimately create an event that is uniquely yours. 

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