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The Oaken Table

When you want a rustic or traditional look for an interior or outdoor space, when you want to provide the right visual impression for a business or piece of real estate, you could do worse than ordering authentic crafted barrels from Mystic Barrels to outfit your enterprise operations.

Think about your average medieval tavern or inn, or a small town in the American old West of classic days. You saw these wooden containers made by “coopers” everywhere, and barrels, with their staves and sturdy presences, became an iconic part of the setting.


Barrels are much more than just holders for liquids

In today's business world, they are often used as visual accents for creating that perfect impression for viewers or visitors or guests.

Here are three ways to use wooden barrels to create the same types of presentation spaces that uninspired companies set up with card tables or other generic-looking options.

The Half-Barrel Table

This kind of creative construction takes some work, but it's often worth the effort.


Essentially, you take the barrel and cut it in half length-wise. Then you get a nice piece of live edge oak or planed lumber material, or something else like natural granite, and set it on top, and you have an attractive rustic-looking table on which to set drinks, paperwork or anything else.


Imagine this type of natural-looking coffee table in a waiting room or showroom, and you'll see how this appeals to the eye.


The Barrel on Its End


You often see this type of easy design at wedding venues or outdoors, anywhere that planners are likely to get high traffic – or even in out of the way corners, mostly for decoration.

A barrel can make a nice place to temporarily set a glass of wine or cup of beer or whatever else you're eating or drinking. Unlike some other kinds of tabletops, the barrel doesn't take away from the natural look of your outdoor space, and that's one reason it's an attractive option. These barrels are fairly affordable, too, without sacrificing quality of presentation.


The Plank Between Barrels


Maybe you need a longer table space, or you need to optimize a tabletop area indoors or outdoors. An easy way to do this is to simply set your tabletop between two barrels on either end. The key here is to make this kind of setup durable and sturdy, so that you don't have people knocking things off, or barrels falling like dominoes at the slightest amount of pressure.


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