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Used Whiskey and Wine Barrel Décor, Furniture and More

A beautifully rustic and ingeniously clever trend is making its way across the world. If you’ve browsed on Pinterest lately, you’ve noticed that wine barrels have inspired some incredible DIY projects. Barrel décor and furniture is a great way to give your home a unique rustic feel. From our beautiful Napa Valley California wine barrels to our mix of Kentucky bourbon barrels and refurbished Scotch barrel, all are ready for use as decor, tables, or any DIY barrel project you can imagine. Keep reading for a few of our ideas!

Wine and Whiskey Barrel Décor

Aside from giving you the best tasting Wild Turkey and vino, whiskey and wine barrels offer tons of creative elements to help decorate your home. If you’re searching for a rustic and vintage-looking theme to incorporate into your home, then you’ll find this your haven.

While the possibilities and creativity are endless, we love the simplicity of turning barrels into wooden storage shelves. Cut four or more equal pieces and hang the shelves in a tic tac toe pattern to create an eye-catching design, plus add more storage to your room! You can also paint and stain the shelves to match your room’s design aesthetic.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or add a country feel to the kitchen, there are several ways to incorporate barrel décor. Whiskey and wine barrels are notorious for being gorgeous and functional sinks and vanities. You can go modern with an oil rubbed bronze faucet or keep it vintage with polished brass. Our large barrels also make the perfect trash can that can add some rustic flair to the room!

Whiskey and Wine Barrel Bar and Table

One charming aspect of barrel wood is that every barrel is different. Whiskey and wine barrels were obviously built for booze, so why not maintain the purpose of its function in a creative way? Our barrels are designed to be the perfect natural height for entertaining. There are several ways to build a barrel bar, but the easiest is to remove the staves to design interior cubbies and then use the hoops as racks.

An accent table is a major decorative element in almost every room and helps determine the perfect balance between style and necessity. Used wine and whiskey barrels go beyond the conventional décor style and easily develop into a vintage end table, stylish coffee table, or elegant dining table.  They can also be used for outdoor entertainment.

Wedding Décor

Our whiskey and wine barrels make the perfect decorative pieces that fit impeccably into a rustic wedding theme. You can turn wine into water with a bubbling fountain, display vibrant flowers in a Four Roses barrel planter, or chill drink in a refreshing and refurbished barrel cooler. Barrels are incredibly versatile, and the best part is that you don’t have to put a lot of creativity into the design. Simply use our whiskey and wine barrels as your chic and unique table pieces. Push them together and you have the perfect match the to country atmosphere you desire for your rustic fairy tale wedding.

Our Used Whiskey and Wine Barrels

Mystic Barrels is the region’s top choice for décor whiskey and wine barrels. Our barrels are literally used everywhere! From home decorations to tables, beer garden and wedding, and even movie sets. Recently, Seth Rogan filmed a movie in Pittsburgh and our Capital Pick Company barrels were used as a main prop in several scenes.

Browse through our used barrel collection and pick the barrel, quantity and shipping that best fits your needs. We offer 53 gallon used Bourbon Whiskey barrels, 59 gallon used Napa Valley wine barrels, and 15 gallon used Wigle Whiskey barrels.

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