Your table top options

Select the table top option that will best fit your space!

36 Inch

The 36" table tops are a perfect option to pair with up to 4 stools. A great table size for sharing some drinks, appetizers, and conversation!

48 Inch

The 48" table tops are a perfect option to pair with up to 4-6 stools. The increased table size and leg room makes it better suited for eating at, playing games, and fitting more people.

Your engraving options

Elevate your table into a personalized masterpiece with a custom engraving!

Design options

Select and personalize one of our standard designs or provide us with your own design or logo!

Engraving locations

Choose to engrave on the two sides of the barrels or on the top barrel head.

How the process works

After you place your order, you will receive a link to an online form to select and submit your engraving request. From there, our graphic designer will work on the design and send the proof to you to review and approve. Once approved, we will engrave it!

Below are some of the standard engraving designs you can choose from and personalize!

Optional pub table accessories

Counter-Height Footrail

Give your feet an extra place to rest with our Standard Whiskey Barrel Footrail. This footrail keeps the barrel at 35" tall, which is counter-height.

Bar-Height Footrail

Our Elevated Bar-Height Footrails give your feet an extra place to rest AND also elevate the table to bar-height, which is 42" tall.

Bar-Height Wooden Risers

Want your table at bar-height without the footrail? No problem! Our Bar-Height Wooden Risers are the perfect solution.

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"Excellent addition to my dining room! I had been looking for a new liquor cabinet for my dining room. I ordered the deluxe cabinet and we love it! Excellent customer service and delivery! Nothing but compliments from friends and family!"

- Anthony R. (Mystic Barrels Customer)

Deluxe Refurbished Whiskey Barrel Cabinet

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Customize your barrel below:

Optional Personalized Engraving

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Premium White Glove Delivery Available

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Customized & Handcrafted

Made in the USA!

Our Deluxe Whiskey Barrel Cabinet is a timeless classic sure to be the focal point of your entertaining space.

In addition to being a thing of beauty, this gem features a built-in Lazy Susan shelf with cordless, rechargeable, motion-activated shelf light—an easily accessible storage space for your favorite bottles, glassware and more.

This handcrafted cabinet is made from a fully refurbished (cleaned, sanded, stained, and clear-coated to have a robust and beautiful finish), authentic, whiskey barrel (Dimensions - 36"tall x 26"w). 

Most Helpful Reviews


Amazing & Beautiful

The barrel arrived in a timely manner, was brought into our home where we easily unpacked the beautiful barrel. As soon as we stocked it we sent pictures to friends. Just love it!

Deb O.

Verified Buyer


Beautiful Barrel and great experience

We were looking for something to get our son who never asked for anything for Christmas and came across Mystic barrels and we had to get him one. He loves it. He said it’s beautiful and he now wants some chairs and would love a top for it the people at Mystic barrels were very nice and delivery was perfect

Kathy W.

Verified Buyer


Excellent addition to my dining room!

I had been looking for a new liquor cabinet for my dining room. I met Mike at the PGH Home and Garden show and loved the mystic barrels products! I ordered the deluxe cabinet and we love it! Excellent customer service and delivery! Nothing but compliments from friends and family!

Anthony R.

Verified Buyer

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Timeless, Handcrafted Features

Restored & Finished Barrel

At Mystic Barrels, we transform authentic, used bourbon and whiskey barrels into handsome and conversational furniture. Crafted from solid white American oak, these barrels offer exceptional durability and natural beauty.

Our meticulous refurbishing and restoration process begins with thorough cleaning, followed by careful sanding to reveal the oak's stunning grain. We then apply a custom stain to enhance its natural hues and finish with a protective polyurethane coating.

The result is a collection of handcrafted furniture that blends rustic charm with modern elegance, perfect for adding a touch of authenticity and sophistication to any space.

Perfect Modern Rustic Style

Everything you can ask for in a table. This can be used to decorate, display a bottle collection, or rest some beverages on. Easily fits in your room providing the perfect modern look with a rustic flare.

Lazy-susan Rotating Shelf

Each Deluxe Cabinet includes a 360-degree rotating solid oak shelf, perfect for storing and displaying your bottles and glassware. This practical and elegant addition allows easy access to your collection, making it a breeze to find and showcase your favorite items. Enjoy the convenience and style of this rotating shelf, a functional highlight of your display cabinet.

Automated interior cabinet lighting

Your Deluxe Cabinet comes standard with a set of motion-activated, wireless, rechargeable lights. These lights illuminate automatically as soon as you reach in to grab a bottle and turn off after about 15 seconds of inactivity. Alternatively, switch the light to "On" mode to showcase your collection all day long. Enjoy both convenience and elegance with this lighting upgrade.

Locking Hasp

Secure your bottle collection with ease using the locking hasp on the door. Designed to accommodate a padlock, this feature provides added peace of mind, ensuring that your prized bottles remain safe and protected. Enjoy both security and style with this practical addition to your display cabinet.

Personalized Engraving

Add a personal touch to your barrel with our custom engraving option. Choose from one of our 12 standard designs or provide your own unique design. We can engrave on either the top or sides of the barrel.

Each engraving is meticulously burned and painted black to create a striking contrast with the stained wood. This process transforms your table into a timeless family heirloom, blending personal significance with lasting beauty.

A perfect pairing

Enhance the charm and functionality of your Mystic Barrels Refurbished Whiskey Barrel by pairing it with some stools. Perfect for next to a pool table, or hangout spot in the corner of the room.

The barrels are 35" tall, so we'd recommend counter-height stools, around 26" tall.

Watch our Unique Craftsmanship Process

Additional Information

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Cabinet Dimensions

The Barrel Cabinets are approximately 35" tall and 26" in diameter at the widest part of the barrel. The barrel heads narrow to around 22".

The shelf of the barrel is 22" in diameter.

If you'd like to pair your barrel with stools, we'd recommend 'counter-height stools', which are around 24-26" tall.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size stools work best next to the Refurbished Barrels and Cabinets?

The Refurbished Barrels and Cabinets stand at 35 inches tall, which is considered "counter-height". (Same height as a standard kitchen counter or island.) 

Therefore "counter-height stools", which are between 24-26 inches tall pair best next to the cabinets!

Does the center shelf of the Deluxe Cabinet rotate??

It sure does! Each Deluxe Barrel Cabinet comes standard with our lazy susan
shelving, so that you can rotate the cabinet shelf 360° to easily access your bottle collection.

How does the cabinet lighting work?

The lighting system includes two motion activated, rechargeable, magnetic bar lights. One light goes on the underside of the top barrel head, and the second goes on the underside of the cabinet.

The motion activated feature will detect the door opening or a hand reaching in and turn the lights on. The lights will automatically turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

(The lights can also be set to stay on if you'd like to keep them on for a few hours for a special occasion.)

To recharge, simply remove the lights from the cabinet and connect to the provided USB charger. With normal use, the lights will need recharged only a couple times per year.

How does the engraving process work?

After ordering with the engraving option, you will receive an simple online form to complete. Within the form, you will select which engraving design you would like and provide us with the names, dates, and any other content we would need for the design.

Alternatively, you can upload your own logo or design to the form for us to engrave onto the barrel.

After we have the design, we will send you a proof to review and approve as well as finalize the placement of the engravings on the barrel.

Once approved, we will engrave the piece and send it through the finishing process!

What stain color is used?

The standard stain color we use and showcase across our website is called Provincial. Its a rich, warm, medium-brown stain that works well in almost any application.

It brings out the beauty of the grain, allows some of the original character of the barrel to show through, and provides a nice contrast to the optional engravings,

How does the order ship and how long does it take?

We partner with top shipping carriers to ensure your new Mystic Barrels piece arrives safely at your home. Each order is handcrafted and delivered within 2-4 weeks. You will receive tracking information within two weeks of placing your order. Once your order reaches the local delivery terminal, the shipping company will contact you to schedule your delivery.

Where is Mystic Barrels located?

Our shop is located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. Here, we transform used barrels into stunning furniture for your home or business. If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and visit us!