These barrels come to us from the beautiful Napa Valley California region. Wine barrels are only used to mature a few batches of wine. After that, there is little flavor left for the barrel to impart into the wine. So the barrels are retired from the wineries...


At that point, Mystic Barrels swoops in and picks out the highest-quality, best-looking, used wine barrels available! We have them loaded up on a train to be shipped cross-country to us here at Mystic Barrels. They are always in stock here and ready for you!


Customers are adding these barrels to their home, patio, game room, restaurant, wedding venue, you name it!


Many customers leave these barrels just the way they are, using them for decoration, displays, and tables.


Others use the barrels for DIY projects, such as creating barrel planters, refurbished tables, wine cabinets, bathroom vanities and everything in-between.

    We connect you with the high-quality authentic used barrels you need for you home, business, event, or DIY project

    Our quality requirements

    ✔️Our barrels are authentic, genuine used wine barrels

    ✔️We retain that highly sought-after rustic appeal

    ✔️Our barrels have at least one nice flat barrel head to use as the 'top'

    ✔️There are NO major cracks or other damages

    ✔️It is freshly-dumped, which ensures the barrel is structurally sound

    ✔️The metal bands around the barrels or "Hoops" are tightly-secured

    ✔️It is liquid-tight, perfect for rain barrels!

    ✔️We have over 120 5-star reviews!

    ✔️We have unbeatable delivery and flat-rate shipping options!

    Weights and Dimensions

    • Height: 35-37"

    • Diameter (Belly): 28"

    • Diameter (head): 24"

    • Capacity: 59 gallons

    • Weight: 125 lbs.

    • Origin: Various wineries

    Questions & Answers

    What is the difference between the used whiskey and used wine barrels?

    Both whiskey and wine barrels can be used in all of the same ways, and for all of the same DIY projects!

    When deciding between the two, the decision typically comes down to your preference on appearance, or simply your preference for whiskey or wine as a beverage!

    The whiskey barrels inherently have a more rustic character and appeal. The wine barrels retain a cleaner, lighter, and newer look, and often have light red wine stains throughout.

    Either way, you can't go wrong!

    How do the barrels ship?

    It depends on quantity and location! We ship some UPS Ground. Others via various freight carriers. And we deliver a lot of orders ourselves to get you the best cost possible on used barrels. Our website checkout process is set up to auto-calculate to get you the best shipping rates!

    Do the barrels have winery stamps on them? 

    Some of the barrels do have a stamp on the barrel heads; others do not. With wine barrels, often times it is the original barrel cooperage insignia instead of the winery logo.

    To be honest, we strongly prioritize the quality of the barrel over finding barrels with particular stamps.

    Can I leave the barrels outside? 

    Absolutely! As with most wooden furniture, decks, or siding, wood tends to 'gray' over time if left unprotected. For barrels, this is often a desired appearance.

    If you prefer the barrel to retain a darker appearance, I would recommend coating the barrel in an exterior-grade polyurethane.

    Will the barrel hold water?

    A barrel creates and maintains a watertight seal by the wood of the barrel staying well hydrated with the product it contains (whiskey, wine, beer, etc.)

    So as received, the barrel will hold water! There may be small leaks at first, but as that wood rehydrates, it will reseal. 

    Every year, we have a countless number of customers who use the whiskey barrels to make rain barrels and other projects that require the barrel to hold liquid.

    The key to keeping the barrel liquid-tight is to keep some liquid in the barrel at all times. If you let the barrel dry out for an extended period of time, it will lose its seal and need to be 'rehydrated' to reseal.

    What size stools should I pair with my new barrel?

    The barrels sit at 35 inches tall, which is considered "counter-height". (Same height as a standard kitchen counter or island.) Therefore "counter-height stools", which are between 24-26 inches tall pair perfectly next to the barrels!

    How will my barrels be shipped? 

    It depends on quantity and location. We run our own delivery trucks and also ship freight with over a dozen different carriers. Because of that, prices can vary. Please reach out to get a quote so we can ensure we get you the best deal!

    Where is Mystic Barrels located? 

    Our shop is located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. Here at our shop, we transform each of used barrels into stunning furniture for your home or business! If you're in the area, you're always welcome to stop by as well. 

    For any other questions, feel free to reach out!

    - Email: info@MysticBarrels.com

    - Phone: 724-304-2674

    - Or use our website chat feature!

    Customer Reviews

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